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Bob DiPiero : www.bobdipiero.com

Client 2007-2013

For the past 20+ years, Bob DiPiero has helped define the best that is Music Row. He is, also, a key part of the city's new leadership, a board member of the Country Music Association, a Leadership Nashville alumnus and former Nashville Songwriters Association, Inc., president who brings the creative and business communities together as few can. Writing with Neil Diamond, Carole King, Johnny Van Zant and Delbert McClinton, among many others, Bob is one of Nashville's most consistent and prolific writers of hits, and he remains at the top of his profession more than two decades after hitting #1 on the charts for the first time in 1983.

We are proud to have been the sole provider of web design, development and production services for Nashville's most prolific hit songwriter, Bob DiPiero and his publishing company, Love Monkey Music from 2007-2013. We developed and delivered two (2) custom websites using Adobe Photoshop for graphics and with Dreamweaver for HTML, CSS and JavaScript for coding. The second site, pictured here (above), was designed around original artwork provided by the client. We were given full creative license and delivered products and services that more than pleased the client. In 2013, Bob's team decided that it was time to try maintaining their own WordPress site, and we wish them the very best with it!

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