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Real Actual is a ONE-STOP SHOP for independent music licensing. We provide premier-quality music by relevant artists and bands and produce syncable music upon request. In our short history, a venture into music licensing has yielded nearly fifty (50) synchs on primetime network and cable television shows including Manifest (NBC), The Gifted, The Good Guys (FOX), Hand of God (Amazon Prime Video), The Comedians (FX), Rectify (AMC/SundanceTV), The Firm (NBC), Real World (MTV), Big Smo, Crazy Hearts: Nashville (A&E), Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe - Original Movie (USA) and Bad Girls Club (Oxygen).

Recent song synchs include: Delta Thieves, Joe West, Stacey Randol, Anna Johnson, Haden Carpenter, Amy Wilcox, The Worsties, Heavy Sole, Ben Cyllus, The Wailin' Canes, The Bilhman Bros., The Happen-Ins, Flexar, Joanie Johnson, The Least of Your Worries, Karl Morgan, Hugh Mitchell, David Bradley and Jillia Jackson.

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We produce release-quality master recordings for the purpose of broadcast and distribution. Our clients range from music supervisors seeking free and clear, synchable music by emerging independents to emerging independents seeking music licensing opportunities. As needed, we provide A-level, world-class musicians, recording studios, mixing and mastering, arrangements, song charts and even songs. Contact us to discuss your current projects, and let us help you.

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Alan Bennett

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As a writer/producer, Alan Bennett has worked on recording projects with Linda Emerson, Haden Carpenter (Big Smo, A&E-TV), Amy Wilcox (Crazy Hearts: Nashville, A&E-TV), The LiNE (The Voice, NBC, Hailey Steele and Leland Grant), Tara O'Grady (cable television show and film, currently, in-development), The Worsties, The Wailin' Canes, Sam Hunter and Ben Cyllus, and has enjoyed fifteen (15) song synchs on primetime network and cable television stations including Amazon Prime Video (Hand of God), FOX (The Good Guys), MTV (Real World), A&E (Big Smo, Crazy Hearts: Nashville) and Oxygen (Bad Girls Club). [ Read more about Alan Bennett ]

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We have a growing and diverse catalogue of songs ready to license for your current and upcoming projects, as well as a broad network of world-class partners including publishers, singers, songwriters, producers, arrangers, studio musicians, recording engineers and studio managers to help customize your project to suit your needs and bring your vision to life.

Recent cuts include: Haden Carpenter, Risa Binder, Matt Giraud, Danni Nicholls, Joe West, Nesta!, Liam Titcomb, Amy Wilcox, Tara O'Grady, The Worsties, 18 South, Sam Hunter, Ben Cyllus, The Wailin' Canes, The LiNE, The Levees, Winfield's Locket, Mike Willis, Hugh Mitchell, Adam Stone, David Bradley, Katie Rogers, Val Halla, Brad Tursi, Tailgate South, Jessica Caylyn, PJ Smith, Jalayne Tradler and Lewis Moorman.

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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. - William Butler Yeats

As a music educator, Real Actual Founder/Owner, Alan Bennett has worked with clients, from around the world, ranging from professionals (signed recording artists, published songwriters and touring and studio musicians) to hobbyists. Learn one-on-one, in-person or from the comfort of your own home or office with online lessons via Skype and FaceTime! For more information, visit the Education page.

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