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Hugh Mitchell artist website
Heartbreak Radio
Ⓟ 2010 Hugh Mitchell

"In the Cool of the Evening" - Download via iTunes
(Writers: Hugh Mitchell/Alan Bennett)

Available at: iTunes | CD Baby

In the middle of blue smoke, neon lights, ex-cons and drug dealers he started writing the songs that would become his album, Heartbreak Radio. Hugh knew he had something with these new songs, so he put a band together, recorded an album and the rest is soon to be rock-n-roll history.

Born in California, raised in Alabama, Hugh Mitchell has developed a style that somehow bridges the gap between his western birthplace and his southern home. It's southern charm with west coast swagger. It's sensitive love with late night romps. It's love, it's loss, it's hate, it's gain. It's something in between the life you live and the love you make. But it's all heart and passion.

Heartbreak Radio is a rocknroll album recorded by a writer. There's not any meandering. The songs are short and to the point with great jams, loud guitars, pulsating bass guitar. Queen and Beach Boys-like backgrounds give vibe-releasing changes in the middle of songs but never sound contrived or out of place. He has somehow reconciled the differences between his love of beautiful arrangements and his need for a loud guitar screaming out energy at the world around him.

Heartbreak Radio is about late night women you can't turn down, love that looks right on paper but never will be, and the promise of something good hidden somewhere in the middle of it all. It is an album about finding out who really loves you, about finding the life that you love, and the things you should get rid of.

To learn more about Hugh Mitchell, visit http://www.hughmitchellmusic.com.

For music licensing inquiries, please email our licensing department.

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"She's got a garden full of boyfriends all waiting to be fed / Oh, she only loves the one that she can't have in the end" - from In the Cool of the Evening

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